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About Us

So, what is the meaning of Lovel?

Lovel is a variant of the name Lowell which means 'little wolf'.

Who are the illustrated dogs?

They are our dogs Jess, Tom and Skye. 
Jess spends most of her days in a pet store. She greets customers and other canine friends and loves to chase a ball.
Tom is your typical lap dog. He enjoys cuddles, going for walkies and loves his food.
Skye is the queen of the tennis ball. Balls are her life and food comes second.


Who are the people behind Lovel?

We are a family that run a natural pet store in Norfolk. After discovering and questioning what goes into dog foods we felt that many of the ingredients aren't entirely appropriate for a dog. We started feeding our own dogs a variety of natural foods including raw and noticed changes in our dogs. This is why we've created Lovel.