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Here at Lovel we are passionate about feeding our animals an appropriate, natural diet and unlike many other brands we actively encourage owners to feed a variety of fresh and raw foods as part of a healthy diet. We'll also openly admit that dry foods only exist for our convenience and that fresh foods are best for your animal.

So why did we create Lovel 'Dry' Dog Food?

"We created Lovel 'Dry' because we believe that if you are going to feed your dog a dry food it should be a really good one."

What's inside Lovel Dry Dog Food?

Lets take a look at the ingredients. All of which come from a human grade source. Most mid to high end brands use will use the same type of ingredients in their foods but unlike them we're not going to roll it in glitter. We are here to be honest.

Deboned Chicken and Salmon
These nutritious meat and fish are added to the ingredients in their fresh form. These are normally the fresh parts which are left over from human food production that are rendered off the bone and can contain organs, connective tissues and muscle.

Dehydrated Chicken, Turkey and Salmon
These are essentially carcass, muscle and connective tissues that have been dried and ground. Most of the moisture and fats are removed leaving a nutrient dense powder. Having the right balance of dehydrated and deboned animal ingredients is vital to ensure the correct levels of minerals and protein are achieved.

Chicken and Salmon Oil
The oils are extracted during the dehydration as mentioned above. These can then be added to the food in the exact quantities required.

Whole Egg Powder
You guessed it, simply whole eggs that have been dried and ground into a powder. Eggs are a really good protein source but shouldn't be given in excess.

Aka Tapioca. This is a starchy root vegetable which is essential in the production of Lovel. Although Cassava doesn't provide huge amounts of nutrition to the food it does help in the manufacturing process. All dry kibble needs starch which expands during the cooking process then contracts to hold all the ingredients together. Without it you'd be left with a sloppy mess. It also results in a less dense food compared to other high meat kibble which is then easier to digest.

Sweet Potato
Unlike white potatoes these are full of nutrients and are regarded as a high quality source of carbohydrate for dogs.

Pea Fibre
Peas are dried and ground providing fibre and iron in your dogs diet.

Added to help stabilise healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin
The building blocks of joints which are needed at every stage of life - not just old age.

Fruits, Vegetables and herbs
Small amounts of selected fruits, vegetables and herbs are added and have been chosen for their nutrient value as well as their availability all year round. These include Carrots, Grape Seed, Spinach, Green Beans, Bilberries, Cranberries (great for urinary tract support), Blackcurrants, Apple, Comfrey, Dandelion, Marigold, Chamomile, Peppermint

How is Lovel Dry manufactured?

Lovel is manufactured using a process called 'extrusion'.
Firstly all the ingredients are put together in their forms listed above along with some vitamins and minerals.
The ingredients are mixed and heated under pressure in the extrusion machine. The mix is then pressed through a die to form the kibble shape.
The final stage is to dry the formed kibbles until the desired moisture content is achieved.

How about Lovel Fresh?

The ingredients in Lovel Fresh are of high quality and is never dried or cooked. We try to be as honest as possible with the ingredients used even down to which part of an animal is used. For example 'Lamb Lung, Lamb Heart and Beef Kidney are used in some varieties and are stated on the packet.

The raw ingredients are minced together and frozen into recyclable trays. All you have to do is defrost and serve.